Game: Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague – Walkthrough & Tips

Bio Inc. - For risks and side effects, contact your doctor or pharmacist
Bio Inc. – For risks and side effects, contact your doctor or pharmacist

There is a lack of walkthroughs or strategy guide for the game Bio Inc. This page tries to fill this gap. Bio Inc. – Bionmedical Plague by DryGin Studios is available for Android and iOS only. Thus you will not found a download for PC or an windows phone app.

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First of all, there are NO known cheats for Bio Inc.

The impossible stage

You can make your victim kill itself. You can trigger a suicide with major depression, dementia as well as dysthymia, maybe the risk factor unlucky also have a meaning. Another way to kill the patient is poison, you can found this recovery after evolving placebo. I used the first way only, so far.

Stages and departments

Since Bio Inc. Version 2 the 18 stages are subdivided into 3 departments: Internship, Evil Doctor and Specialized MD.


Level 1 – Unhealthy

“Overweight, sedentary, junk food addict and smoker.”

Level 2 – Hypochondriac

“Victim is abnormally anxious about his health.”

Effect: Like Booster Workaholic

Level 3 – Unstable

“Victim’s health is very unstable.”

Effect: cheap risk factors, the costs for diseases increase, but the evolve spontaneously far more often

Level 4 – Healthy

“A young and healthy normal person”.

Effect: The standard level.

Level 5 – Professional Athlete

“Extremely fit.”

Effect: Strong respiratory and circulatory systems weaken effect of diseases.

Level 6 – Immune Shield

Effect: Immune system regenerate frequently.

Evil Doctor

Level 7 – Call 911

“Force victim to go to the emergency room quickly.”

Strategy: Focus on one system

Level 8 – Emergency Room

Level 9 – Happy Birthday

Level 10 – 2074

Level 11 – Immortal

Level 12 – The Impossible Stage

See above

Specialized MD

Level 13 – License to Ill

Level 14 – Heart Attack

Level 15 – Natural Recovery

Level 16 – Near-Death Experience

Level 17 – Survival

Level 18 – Save John Smith

Diseases, Risk Factors & Recoveries

Direct Damage Diseases

The following diseases causes a additional heavy but one time damage:

Circulatory: “Heart attack”

Nervous: “Burnout”and “Epileptic seizures” as well as “Stroke”

Digestive: “Colon cancer”

Immune: “Immunodeficiency” and “Lupus”

Renal: “Kidney failure” and “Kidney failure 2”

Respiratory: “Pneumothorax” and “Lung cancer”

Skeletal: “Frequent bone fracture”


There are 36 Achievements in Bio Inc.

Bio Inc. Achievements – 500 xp

Heavy Drinker – Evolve Alcoholic risk factor
Morbidly Obese – Evolve Morbidly Obese risk factor
Its Never Lupus – Evolve Lupus
Opportunist – Cause a Strike while the patient is in Emergency room
Nervous Collapse – Make the Nervous system fail first
Circulatory Collapse – Make the Circulatory system fail first
Respiratory Collapse – Make the Respiratory system fail first
Muscular Collapse – Make the Muscular system fail first
Digestive Collapse – Make the Digestive system fail first
Skeletal Collapse – Make the Skeletal system fail first
Renal Collapse – Make the Renal system fail first
Heart Attack – Evolve Heart attack
Lupus Nephretis – Evolve Lupus Nephretis
Thrifty – Collect 30 Bio Points before spending any
Cautious – Purchase – Nosocomephobia I and II and Bad Doctors before recovery starts
Walk In The Park – Win the game with <70% recovery
Walk In The Park II – Win the game with <60% recovery
Smoking Kills – Kill the victim with Lung Cancer or Emphysema
Muscle Man – Kill the victim with muscular dystrophy
Loser – Lose a game

Bio Inc. Achievements – 1000 xp

Suicidal Thoughts – Have your victim have suicidal thoughts
Risky! – Win without evolving any risk factors
No Recovery baby! – Win without evolving any recovery
Quicky – Win in less than 240 days
Hardcore Gamer – Win once on Lethal difficulty
Loaded – Start with 5 boosters

Bio Inc. Achievements – 1500 xp

All-in – Unlock all diseases in one system
Close Call – Win the game at 99% recovery
Save John Smith – Win the Save John Smith stage
Bio Inc. Specialist – Win all stages in the Specialized M.D faculty

Bio Inc. Achievements – 2000 xp

Silent Killer – Evolve 7+ diseases before recovery begins
Suicide! – Make your victim kill himself
Hall of Fame – Complete the impossible stage on severe difficulty
Bio Inc. Master – Get 25 achievements
Thug Life – Win 6 stages on Lethal difficulty

Bio Inc. Achievements –  20000 xp

Bio Inc. All-Star – Earn 72 stars